#8 Digital Marketing during COVID-19: An example of organization of processes in the marketing department for medium-sized companies

The main processes of the marketing department have been defined in the marketing department:

Acquiring new customers, understood as:
  • Making as many potential (well-paid) customers send inquiries / software trials as possible.
  • Achieving high returns on investment in a particular customer acquisition channel (ROAS) and campaigns.


Name Tools Main indicators
PPC Pay per click – running all campaigns where potential people come to the site from paid campaigns, e.g. Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads ROAS, CPA, CTR
ORGANIC Conducting SEO activities, mainly based on the publication of interesting content. Methods: Content pyramid, Job To Be Done, Lead Magnet and others … ROAS from individual content campaigns – where paid traffic is added.

Conversion measurement under a specific article.

OUTREACH Send messages to potentially interested customers. Cold Mailing in Social Media, Cold Calling, Cold Mailing in the database. ROI
REFFERAL, LTV, PARTNERS Internet monitoring and taking part in discussions on Internet forums, trying to extend the customer’s life cycle, affiliate marketing. ROI



Relatively easiest here to determine the return on investment in advertising. Appropriate configuration of Google Tag Manager allows determining the return on investment in placing the ad in the recipient’s environment, up to the moment of purchase.


  • ROAS (return on ad spend) – profit from a particular customer or segment of customers, divided by the number of costs.
  • CPA (cost per acqusition) – cost incurred, necessary to acquire a paying customer.
  • CTR (click through rate) – the percentage of people who clicked on the ad. It shows how effective a particular communication from an advertisement is.



All people who use our offer through content that interested them.

The tool necessary for this process is SEMRush – semrush.com. Especially in the field of prepared organic reports and the SEO Writing Assistant tool. Thanks to it, it is possible to write articles and position them (SEO) in accordance with the assumed keywords.

Content pyramid

Because copywriters are usually not able to prepare substantively good content as experts in the company. Preparing it begins with cooperation with an expert, during the interviews, the main product is created: e-book, white-paper, report, solution to an expert problem (it can also be a webinar, framefork, consultation). Something that will attract interested people and is very “caloric”. Then, based on this valuable information, copywriters create 10-20 additional articles and posts. By extracting the most important information, they multiply it and try to recommend it for further reading of this most valuable document.

Job To Be Done 

An attempt to create content based on the methodology: Job To Be Done. So we try to answer the following questions: What difficulties may the client have? What questions does he ask? What is the job they do before they buy services from us? An example here is working out in my agency a cycle of doubts and answering them:

  • I don’t know if I need a marketing agency?
    • Small entry threshold – small investment: Our answer: read the e-book, find out what we do and how you can take advantage of our offer. Watch the video, read the article that interests you and explain the value we can provide.
  • I don’t know what I need from this particular marketing agency and why should I choose 0101marketing?
    • Average Entry Threshold – Average Investment: Our Answer: Marketing Audit. We’ll tell you exactly what can help you win customers. We will take responsibility for the results.
  • What should i buy?
    • Big entry threshold – big investment: handing over responsibility for all marketing to us for six months.

You can implement this approach by writing several articles from the series mentioned, or by preparing a landing page that responds to indicated objections.

Lead Magnet

Adopting an appropriate sequence of actions based on the promotion of content:

  • Ads – PPC advertising on Social Media
  • Lead Magnet – Landing page, the purpose of which is to collect e-mail addresses of potentially interested people. 
  • God Fathers Offer – An offer from the godfather, that is, one that cannot be refused.
  • Remarketing – showing your ad to people who visited the website and encouraging them to buy again.
  • Source of inspiration and exact explanation available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yebHv0bxuak
Other Ways to Improve Organic Search

Improving Your Content According to Google Search Console

  • Keyword Analysis This method is to analyze the keywords people are hitting on per page with content and adding them to articles.
  • Source of inspiration and a detailed explanation available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=df3bnPfiNkA


  • ROAS from individual content campaigns – where paid traffic is added.
  • Conversion measurement under a specific article.


The use of lead generation tools to gain interest in the offer.

  • The main actions that can be taken in this way are listed here:
    • Cold Messaging on Social Media – sending messages through Social Media channels.
    • Cold Calling – calling the contact database.
    • Cold Mailing – sending e-mails to the contact database.
  • Additional tools listed here: https://www.ventureharbour.com/lead-generation-tools/

The number of tools is very large in this regard and not all of them work in accordance with ethics and law. In addition, different solutions will work in different companies. 

Therefore, if you are interested in learning how to choose the best one, please contact: kontakt@0101marketing.com


  • ROI – Return On Investment – return on investment. Calculated as the quotient of the profits achieved in LTV (customer life cycle) and the costs incurred in handling outreach activities.




It is a marketing activity based on referrals. Mainly used here:

  • Back link building – that is, links to our site from other sites.
    • Attempt to confuse links to our site (articles) on other frequently viewed sites. For example, by monitoring the internet (semrush.com), writing messages to content authors, contributing to internet forums… a very difficult and tedious process. Giving hardly predictable results. Attempts to automate this process, sold by dishonest companies, may end up lowering the authority of the domain.
  • Writing articles “under” a particular post
  • This method is based on searching for articles on a given topic and adding comments to them like: Thank you for this article, great content. You touch on a lot of interesting areas, such as: … I was inspired by this content and I would like to discuss additional areas, such as … I am sending a link to the article here … Additionally, in this case you can write to the author asking if he would like to add to the content of the article information for readers that additional areas within the indicated scope can be found in our article.
LTV – the usage of up- and cross-selling

This method is based on trying to sell additional products to customers who have already bought from us.

  • Up-selling – selling the same products.
  • Cross-selling – selling different products.

If done correctly, this may prove to be one of the best ways to increase your profits. Selling to a customer who has bought something from us in the past is much easier and financially effective.

Partners – affiliate marketing

This activity is based on concluding partnership agreements, consisting in the provision of a commission in exchange for an effective recommendation.

Depending on the offer, these activities can be more or less embedded in digital marketing. 

The intermediation of companies already cooperating with our customer segment is used here most often.



  • ROI – especially in the case of affiliate marketing activities carried out. In other cases, it is very difficult.