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0101marketing: Digital Marketing Agency

Audit and marketing plan

We work for companies from the IT & Software industry, including companies offering SaaS products

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We are only interested in results

I have been working in marketing for 17+ years, and for 5+ years I worked as a CMO (Marketing Director) in international IT companies.

When the company I worked for received the “Forbes Diamond Award” for one of the fastest growing companies in Poland, I made the decision to set up my own Digital Marketing Agency.

In this way, I wanted to solve the problems that I had while working as a director:

I only want to do what works, I don't want to test solutions

I worked with agencies that sold “what was on the menu”, they didn’t care about providing reliable information: what works best? If the company did post on Facebook, they were selling it.

They didn’t care if it made sense in my industry, for my products.

That’s why we, as an agency, support all the Digital Marketing, offer all 19 customer acquisition channels, and after a few weeks we are able to answer the question of which ones work best.

I only want to work with one person who will solve all my problems

A total of 11 people worked in my department after three years.

Most of them externally, and I was responsible for communication between them. It took 80% of my working time.

I trimmed pictures and sent e-mails between them.

Yes, no director should work like this, it’s a waste of time.

Additionally, none of them felt responsible for the results: “Because the website is done well, only SEO is badly prepared”, “SEO is well-prepared, only the plugin needs to be updated on the page”, “Google Ads, works well, but the graphic designer needs to improve pictures”.

Therefore, one person is assigned to contact us, who answers all calls and solves problems.

I want to have access to data and know what is profitable

I needed reliable reports describing what was happening with the customer from the first contact with the advertisement until the moment of purchase.

When working with several agencies, they often try to conceal credible results and shift responsibility among themselves.

I believe that marketing processes should not be set up this way. At the end of the month or week, the CMO should receive the chart.

The investment in Google Ads was this much, the return on investment was like this.

The investment in LinkedIn Ads was this much – the return was so…

Profitable management of promotional budgets is possible if the director receives reliable information about what works best. We specialize in providing this data. We are the best at this.

An audit and marketing plan is the best method to start your marketing activities

It allows you to learn from the mistakes of competitors

Modern marketing software allows you to find out what activities are undertaken by competitors. Exactly what ads are they preparing their customers for, what keywords is their page showing for, how much money are they spending on each customer acquisition channel?

It allows you to minimize costs

Marketing agencies specializing in one area will recommend what they have on offer. We are competent to implement all 19 digital marketing channels (Google Ads, SEO, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, E-mail marketing, Re-marketing, Content marketing and others). We don’t care about selling the same thing to everyone, we want to deliver value and profit. Which is only possible by investing in the most profitable ways to acquire customers. We are able to provide this.

It allows you to choose proven solutions

We have worked for over 100 companies from the IT & Software industry, usually we serve 10 of them at a time. We know exactly what works best in a given quarter or month. Furthermore, we know what the trends are, we do not break open doors. The company does not have to burn through budgets to check the latest solutions, it has this knowledge from us. Tested and reliable. We offer all the know-how collected over many years, tested on marketing budgets of several million zlotys, as part of an audit. Companies often buy our service as part of benchmarking – implemented within several hours of our work.

What will be done within the audit:

Lean Business Model Canvas — as the foundation of marketing

Together with you, we will prepare the Business Model Canvas (method: Lean Business Model Canvas).

 Digital marketing audit for the company and environment

  • We will audit all customer behavior analytics tools: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console, Facebook Ads, hotjar and other tools that you use.
  • We will conduct an audit of the competition and organic keyword searches, for this purpose we will use the following tools: UberSuggest, SEMrush.
  • We will conduct a website audit (Google Speed ​​Test, SEO), domain audit.
  • We will conduct an audit of customer acquisition channels (PPC, SEO, Direct, Social).

Marketing plan for 3-6 months

  • Out of 19 customer acquisition channels, we will suggest those that (using our experience and data collected during the audit) have the best chance of success.
  • We will develop results measurement methods (ROAS) for each of the customer acquisition channels.

After the prepared audit, we will leave you to decide whether you want to carry out the audit yourself or with us – if so, to what extent?

The copyright for the performed audit belongs to you in 100%, so you can do it with another company or internally.