During the annual cooperation – together with Authenteq – we achieved ARR at the level of EUR 1.2 million, increasing the number of leads to 2000 (40x increase)

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At the time of establishing cooperation, Authenteq relied primarily on the sales department as a customer acquisition channel. Authenteq’s goal was to have several well-functioning digital marketing channels and to know how much it costs to acquire a customer from each channel.


Our agency supported Authenteq in strategic activities – defining target groups, selecting marketing channels, communication method – and operational activities.
During the year of cooperation:

We have carried out over 20 PPC campaigns using: Google Ads: Search, Display, Video, remarketing; LinkedIn Ads: Display, Video, Remarketing). Campaigns were carried out on the basis of predefined groups of recipients – industry, location, sector, position, company size, etc.We have created over twelve publications: lead magnets, white-papers + landing page content.

We configured and supported the company in the use of the CRM system – HubSpot – in order to organize information about leads and sales (source and medium of acquired customers, sales stage, integration with other tools, preparation of dashboards with information about ROAS and ROI).

We created 8 dedicated Landing Pages for individual groups of recipients, which we used as landing pages in PPC campaigns

We carried out a DM campaign on the LinkedIn platform – using automation tools, the result: over 10,000 messages sent and several hundred leads.



PLN ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue)


Increase in the number of qualified leads


Acquired leads during the annual cooperation


Average ROAS for Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads