For nearly three years I worked at Deviniti as a marketing director, which in 2017 received the “Forbes Diamond” award for the fastest growing companies in Poland

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For nearly three years, I worked at Deviniti (formerly InTENSO) as a marketing director. This company sold: IT services (testing, software development, support and others), IT products (17 add-ons for Jira and many others), and was: Atlassian Platinum Partner, Perforce Partner of the Year 2017, and FreshWorks, BDMaestro, Clarive, Google and many more.

I built a marketing department there from scratch – when the company employed 150 people. When I made the decision to leave the position of CMO and found my own marketing agency, there were 250 people working in Deviniti. And the marketing department gathered 11 experts (employees and freelancers) – graphic designers, content specialists, SEM agencies and many others. Together with the management board, we have also created a proprietary way to optimize marketing processes based on the agile approach and Jira Software.

During this time, the company’s revenues increased nearly fourfold.

I was responsible for marketing IT products in 64 countries for 5 million users.

The company’s customers include: Nasa, Toyota, ebay, airbnb and many more.

In 2017, as a representative of the company, I participated in the award ceremony: “Forbes Diamond”, awarded to the fastest growing companies in Poland.

Every year I was responsible for the marketing of the event: “Jira Day”. The largest conference on this subject organized in Central Europe. Each time it brings together nearly 500 people.

At that time, I participated in all the Atlassian Summit organized as an exhibitor. The world’s largest Atlassian software conference, held in the US and Spain.

At the end of my work for the company, I rebranded it – from InTENSO to Deviniti.

In detail – what did I do as CMO at Deviniti?

The first stage of my work in this position was based on analyzing and identifying development directions for marketing processes in this specific company / industry. We learned a lot about the best marketing practices for:

  • IT services (development, business and technical analysis, project consulting, support and maintenance, software testing, software implementation),
  • products of our partners (Atlassian (Platinium Solution Partner), Perforce (Partner of the Year), Freshdesk, DBmaestro, Clarive, GitLab, Veeam and Google),
  • own products (17 additions to: JIRA and JIRA Service Desk, sold on the e-commerce platform: Atlassian Marketplace and stand-alone systems (debt collection, internet marketing, support for the bailiff enforcement process and compliance departments).

The remaining time was based on:

  • Implementing an agile approach to the marketing of the organization. We assumed that intuition works once in a while, and what we need is optimal navigation through the cycle: build, measure, learn. So we strived for mastery in developing business models of our products and subsequent verification of customer behavior in response to them.
  • Building from scratch marketing processes based on Jira Software (Confluence and other Atlassian solutions). The difficulty of this task was based on the necessity to share the marketing function between four departments in the company and its fourfold growth over the last 3 years. As part of these processes, we also learned to better manage the budget and set more adequate goals.
  • Preparation and implementation of a content strategy. We have assumed that the king of current marketing is valuable online knowledge for our potential clients. We have made an attempt to implement the concept of thought leadership and, observing the growing interest in our products, we have probably succeeded to some extent.
  • Defining a new international brand. We thought about everything many times, talked a lot about values ​​and how we want to be perceived. Not only have we learned more about ourselves, but we can also get to know each other better, both our clients and potential employees in employer branding activities.
  • Conducting SEM campaigns, where we conducted countless marketing experiments to improve SEO and PPC. Conclusions from these activities allowed us to navigate more efficiently in international digital marketing.
  • Optimizing your email marketing campaigns.
  • The annual organization of the largest conference in Central Europe devoted to Atlassian solutions, under the name: Jira Day.
  • Preparation of marketing for numerous trips abroad, as a sponsor and exhibitor: Atlassian Summit, to California and Barcelona.
  • Promoting our solutions on international markets. Deviniti supplies its products in 64 countries (currently used by 5+ million people).
  • Creating and optimizing our website and numerous product pages and landing pages.