For over 3 years we have been responsible for marketing at Ortosoft, a company that creates software for the management of sports facilities – OOS

OOS is a software for sports facilities that allows to effectively manage a gym, a playroom for children, a swimming pool or a fitness club.


Ortosoft started cooperation with us a few months after creating the OOS software for the management of sports facilities. The goal of Ortosoft was to occupy part of the market space for the fitness industry – high competitiveness – and to define new groups of recipients and prepare brand communication on this basis, and to introduce new functionalities to the OOS system.


Together with Ortosoft, we defined 3 new groups of recipients and conducted tests of competitive solutions. Thus, it was the basis for creating a new version of the website – for which we were fully responsible (preparation of visual identification – including a logo, creating a structure and texts for individual groups of recipients and products, work on the website and SEO optimization).

We have prepared a content marketing strategy based on the analysis of online queries, competitiveness and the attractiveness of topics for individual groups of recipients. Since the beginning of our cooperation, we have completed over 80 articles, regularly generating traffic at the level of +8,000 visits per year.

We have implemented full analytics on the website – Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console. Thus, we verify which customer acquisition channels are effective and which groups of recipients convert best.



Publications related to the product and the sports industry


Defined and implemented functionalities when creating a product development strategy


During our cooperation, we acquired over 40 sports facilities throughout Poland


Average position of OOS pages in the search network in the last 12 months