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Walter Idzikowski, PhD

Position: Founder
Experience: 17+ years
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +48 660 000 464


    • 17+ years of business experience – that’s how long it has taken me to define best practices in marketing,
    • 150+ IT solutions – have been successfully introduced to the market with my help,
    • 5+ years – I have worked as a Chief Marketing Officer for different IT companies,
    • and executed marketing activities in 64 countries for 5 million users,
    • 14+ years of work at the University, currently I hold the position of Adjunct Professor, I’m also a lecturer in the MBA program,
    • 33 scientific publications and a doctoral dissertation in the field of marketing.
I consider myself to be the person who is the best at data handling. Therefore, digital marketing is the place where I feel best. I can identify from the results which activities work best and which are the most profitable.

Philosophy of operation: Pragmatism

I believe that only useful activities are worth continuing. I approach fashionable words in marketing with a distance, which often no longer apply after the season. I tried to work with people who spoke in a flowery way about building awareness, brand and more. But in my case it was to no avail, even in the long run.
I strongly believe in data-driven marketing. Giving results. If it is possible to introduce a customer tracking system in the company – from the first contact with the advertisement until the moment of purchase. And on this basis, you can calculate the return on investment, I do not understand at all, can there be something even more effective? This, in my opinion, is a task faced by those responsible for business development. Exactly, building results based on data. This is my approach.

Values: Achieving long-term benefits

I believe that only by focusing on building long-term, mutual benefits can you win in business. You have to be consistent in your efforts so that everyone involved in the relationship can make a profit. We, as a team, work for our clients so that they earn more than before. In a profitable way. So, they can scale their businesses. And only then, when we provide value for them, they decide on long-term cooperation with us.

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