In the price of the “Digital Marketing Manager”,
we serve all 5 customer acquisition channels
The offer is addressed to the SaaS Companies that employ up to 50 people.
Social Media
Social Media Marketing. DM campaigns.
Email Marketing
Email Marketing Automation.
Content Marketing
E-Books. White Papers. Videos. Webinars. Blog Posts.
On-site. Off-site.
PPC campaigns
Google Ads: Search, Display, YouTube. Facebook Ads. LinkedIn Ads. Remarketing.

In addition to the fact we support all possible digital marketing channels, we also present the investment and profitability of each individual channel.

million USD of revenue for our clients
Satisfied customers
Countries in which we conducted marketing
Years of Experience
It’s like, instead of hiring a Digital Marketing Manager, you have a team which handles ALL your digital marketing

Multichannel marketing campaigns

  • They rely on the use of many channels of contact with customers to build in them the belief that the company is present in many places. According to research, the customer decides to purchase on average after 7 points of contact with the brand. It is important to achieve this profitably.

Customer tracking system

  • We use many customer behavior tracking tools. This enables you to calculate your return on advertising investment (ROAS). We are able to answer the question: how many points of contact did the customer have from the first contact with the advertisement until the moment of purchase.

Brand communication strategy

  • We often start cooperation by determining why the company’s offer is unique and worth buying. We are looking for: USP (unique selling proposition) – a unique selling proposition, RTB (reason to believe) – a reason to believe, UA (unfair advantage) – an unfair advantage, an answer to the question: means that a product / service cannot be copied or stolen. A brand’s communication strategy determines the effectiveness of customer acquisition channels and is best written with someone who has industry experience.

Marketing products

  • Pages with optimized UX, using the best technologies in the cheapest way and with the highest quality.
  • Content marketing content, tailored to the requirements of the IT & Software industry.

Comparision table

Digital marketing manager 0101marketing
Supported channels Usually, due to the competency base, one or two channels. We serve all channels, thanks to the work of specialists who deal only with this.
Role in the company He asks what he should do, tests different solutions. We have experience in working with 5-10 companies and we know what works best.
Experience Approx. 3-5 years in one / two areas. Often experience unrelated to the industry. 17 years of experience in implementing digital marketing strategies, using all customer acquisition channels.
The pace of work He is proficient in handling the channels in which he has the most experience. We carry out tasks quickly, because we work in a team where individual specialists are proficient in the selected field. Especially in cases where there are news, such as the Google Analytics 4.
Operating range Narrow specialization focused on doing things right. We specialize in the latest, best and proven practices. We do the right things.
Strategic competences In many cases, he does not have enough experience to be an architect. He did not work for many companies in the industry - such a man costs 20-30 thousand. PLN per month. And employing himself - is risky as there are no suitable specialists. Often he is not able to carry out all marketing tasks, for example he is not a graphic designer and developer at the same time. Used properly by the owners of our agency.
Reporting method He reports every month what has been done. We inform the client on an ongoing basis about the number of leads obtained and sales profits.
Why is it worth trusting us?
We know how to take care of your success.
Our clients trusted us, entrusting a total budget of PLN 90+ million in marketing expenses.
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