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e took overall responsibility for the launch of Calio - software sold in the SaaS system, supporting the management of the customer service process in service companies.

The creator of Calio is the American company Q-Technologies ltd., Which decided to automate the process of: booking appointments, collecting payments, and making customers "stay longer".

He is already turning the customer service process upside down to make it even more accessible. We believe that it will revolutionize the way people use services around the world - especially how they book, pay, and tie themselves to companies.

We are currently focusing on providing our restaurant software

See what the Calio website looks like, made by us
What have we done?

We took overall responsibility for placing Calio on the market, we helped in:

  • Defining a business model. We have assumed that for each SaaS it is crucial to create such a system of collecting customer information that would allow us to optimally develop software functionalities. Therefore, by conducting countless market experiments, we verified hypotheses that illustrate to us black and white – which market segment needs which functionalities. We also know which ads resonate best with customers and which ones they click on. In addition, we checked how much it costs to acquire a client and what profits we can expect from this investment.
  • We have reached the number of over 1000 users in the first month of our promotion. We stopped the campaigns because of too much server load
  • We have prepared an investor presentation and we have acquired a very initial offer to buy shares, with a valuation of the company at 250K USD. This is a very good result considering that we haven’t sold the paid version yet. We decided to postpone the investor’s introduction to the company because we are counting on increasing its value.
  • Of course, we have also prepared: a website, we have slightly tuned the logo. We ran PPC campaigns: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, we published on Social Media, we recorded video, wrote articles, FAQs, and a knowledge base. We also took responsibility for SEO. We updated all marketing products on an ongoing basis (along with verification of the answer to the question of what will be accepted on the market) and we actively sold the software.

Together with Radek Filarski (CEO in Calio) and the rest of the team, we create SaaS, which will turn the way people use services upside down.

By running a parallel promotion in more than 8 countries for five customer segments, we have precisely defined how profitable it is to develop our software. What makes customers ready to buy them, and how to describe our business model so that it is understandable to them?

Starting cooperation with us, CEO Calio treated us from the very beginning as an external marketing department and we met the challenges set before us:

  • conducting market experiments, we have developed a business model that works on the market,
  • we reached the level of 1000 users in the first month of the promotion,
  • we established positive relationships with potential investors and prepared market data that they understand in valuing the brand.

If the project develops (which we strongly believe), we will also become the shareholders of a special purpose vehicle.

We try very hard.

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