Lekko: protective mask


e had the opportunity to cooperate with the creators of the first in Europe and maybe in the world, completely designer: light smog wrap. We started our cooperation just before the product launch, when its first prototype was ready. So we could help launch a product that we have physically seen and made a very positive impression on us.

See what the company’s website looks like: slightly
What have we done?

We supported the brand to some extent in:

  • Specifying individual items of the business model canvas, such as:
    • Indication of who (yet) can be the recipient of the product?
    • What is unique about it and how to tell about it?
    • What is the unfair advantage of anti-smog scarves?
  • We were looking for appropriate ways to explain in a few sentences what the product is and what is its main advantage, as opposed to anti-smog masks.
  • We have supplemented the definition of individual items of the business model canvas with: organic search analysis, market trends research, countless coffees drunk, and stormy discussions.
  • We helped define the customer journey, so together with the brand founders slightly, we tried to determine the theoretical path that the consumer takes until the moment of purchase. We built theoretical scenarios together and then tried to choose the best.
  • We conducted market experiments. We have built a structure of paid promotion so that it is possible to track customer behavior in paid promotion channels (including Google Ads, Facebook Ads) for individual marketing messages. On this basis, it became possible to determine the cost of customer acquisition for a particular advertisement or market segment. We learned how much to invest in a particular advertisement, directed in the right medium, for a carefully selected audience to sell the product as cheaply as possible.
  • We helped in writing and editing texts per page. Unfortunately – for us – the creators of anti-smog scarves took care of preparing the photos and coordinating the creation of the video. It all turned out great, we would like to be in their place. The photos and video materials presented on this page were prepared by them – congratulations.

We agree with the team that a great product with well-prepared marketing materials has become the basis of success, described in breakfast television, Gazeta Wyborcza, and many other media. Anti-smog scarves have become a bit loud – this is definitely a big success of such a fresh brand.



At the beginning of our path, we assumed that we would consider launching a new brand successful if we were able to sell half of the ordered production batch. We sold much more.

In addition, we got to know the market quite well, we learned which customer segments are interested in such a product, how to talk about anti-smog scarves. We have acquired countless market data that are invaluable before the next winter.

Working on product marketing that really helps people, makes them breathe healthier air, gives great satisfaction. Maintained in excellent aesthetics, with a very professional performance and modern design, in our opinion, one of the most promising brands in Poland.

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