VR TierOne


rojects that give the most satisfaction are those where the product delivered on the market can really help people. That is why the working towards introducing a new brand in the medical industry was particularly important to us.

VR TierOne is a medical device that uses virtual reality to effectively support the treatment and rehabilitation process. Especially for stroke patients, in hospital cardiology and oncology wards and in nursing homes.

VR TierOne
See what the company’s website looks like: VR TierOne
What have we done?

We supported VR TierOne in:

  • Building a marketing strategy. We took an active part in discussing the individual stages of activities, we re-analyzed the selected market segment and communication method. We tried to answer the question of whether the adopted business assumptions have their justification and whether they could be run even better.
  • We have prepared a brand visual information system. We took care of preparing a new logo and developed the website (both content and graphic).

The effectiveness of VR TierOne in supporting the treatment and rehabilitation process has been confirmed in scientific research that will be published in the world’s most prestigious journals.

We feel immense satisfaction that we were able to contribute to the launch of the new brand on the market, which really helps people.

Thanks to our activities, we were able to support the creators of VR TierOne in:

  • developing a complete visual information system that has become the basis for further promotion of the solution and for
  • we reached the level of 1000 users in the first month of the promotion,
  • optimization of the strategy for introducing a new brand on the Polish and foreign market.

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