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We increase profits of IT & Software companies

Pragmatism – profit

We only do what translates into profits for our clients. This builds trust in us on the market and this is the only basis for our brand. We do not undertake tasks that we believe will not be beneficial for our clients.

Entrepreneurship – value

Our team consists of people who want to be rewarded for their work and results. The path of cooperation with us in the very assumption is based on building value, doing the right things, and not doing the right things.

Future – knowledge

We make a lot of mistakes because we learn a lot. We experiment, validate and practice the business. We want to build the future, not wait for it.

Key team members

    • 17+ years of business experience – that’s how long it has taken me to define best practices in marketing,
    • 150+ IT solutions – have been successfully introduced to the market with my help,
    • 5+ years – I have worked as a Chief Marketing Officer for different IT companies,
    • and executed marketing activities in 64 countries for 5 million users,
    • 14+ years of work at the University, currently I hold the position of Adjunct Professor, I’m also a lecturer in the MBA program,
    • 33 scientific publications and a doctoral dissertation in the field of marketing.
Walter Idzikowski, PhD
Founder, co-CEO
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  • 8+ years of experience in team management, including 4+ years as CEO at 0101marketing: Digital Marketing Agency.
  • 34+ IT & Software companies used my help in creating an offer and got a return on investment.
I specialize in managing marketing projects for the IT & Software industry. I understand the needs of companies in this industry and I can prepare digital marketing that will increase their profits.
Krystian Żygało
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  • 8+ years of programming – I learned to program at the age of 16 and since then I have been training my skills every day.
  • 2+ years of teaching programming – I believe sharing knowledge is important and enables a better understanding of programming mechanisms.
I am an enthusiast of Machine Learning, Deep Learning – I think that advanced algorithms are able to improve our daily tasks.
Piotr Słowik
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