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ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can bring huge benefits in the field of digital marketing. The key to using ChatGPT’s full potential, however, is knowing how to create the right prompts.

In this article, I present 9 rules that will help you create great prompts for ChatGPT to optimize your content creation process.



1. Understand the purpose

Understanding the purpose of the referral is key to getting the response you want.

Specify what you want to achieve with ChatGPT, is it

  • generating ideas for blog posts,
  • creating product descriptions,
  • assistance in conducting trade talks.



I want ChatGPT to help me generate ideas for digital marketing articles. What are the key trends and issues I should be addressing?



2. Be specific 

The more specific the command, the better the answer you’ll get.

Specify exactly what you expect from ChatGPT, what form the response should take and what information it should contain.



I want ChatGPT to write a 1000 word digital marketing article for me. The article should be divided into 5 sections, containing information on the most important trends in the field, examples of successful campaigns and tips for beginner marketers.



3. Use context

Providing context allows ChatGPT to better understand your expectations and provide answers that are more consistent with your needs.

Provide ChatGPT with information about the purpose for which you are creating the content and your target audience.



I am the owner of a digital marketing agency that deals with creating advertising campaigns for small and medium-sized enterprises. I want ChatGPT to write an 800-word article for me that outlines the top benefits of investing in digital marketing by these companies.



4. Specify the response format

Specifying the response format will help you get a more personalized and useful result.

You can ask ChatGPT to generate text in the form of a list, article, blog post, email, or whatever is appropriate for your purpose.



I want ChatGPT to write a 1500-word blog post for me that discusses the top 10 digital marketing strategies for small businesses. The post should be divided into sections, with headings for each strategy and a summary at the end.



5. Enter the length of the answer

Including the length of your response will help focus on relevant information and provide content that is sufficiently comprehensive for your purpose.



I want ChatGPT to write a 2000-word article for me that outlines various digital marketing techniques that can help small businesses gain new customers. The article should be divided into sections and contain tips and examples of practical applications.



6. Use additional information

If you have additional information you’d like to include in your referral, please make sure you include it.

This may include: research results, statistics, citations or other details that are relevant to your topic.



I want ChatGPT to write a 1500-word article for me that outlines the top 5 digital marketing techniques to help small businesses increase their visibility online. The article should include the latest statistics on the use of the Internet by consumers and examples of companies that have been successful through the use of these techniques.



7. Customize the tone and style

Matching the tone and style of your responses to your goal and target audience can help you create content that reads better and grabs your audience’s attention.

You can ask ChatGPT to create text in a formal, informal, friendly or other tone that suits your purpose.



I want ChatGPT to write a 1200 word digital marketing article for me that is written in a friendly and informal tone. The article should be intended for novice entrepreneurs who want to learn how to use digital marketing in their business.



8. Use keywords

Proper use of keywords is crucial to creating SEO content optimization.

Make sure you include the keywords you would like ChatGPT to include in its response.



I want ChatGPT to write an 800-word article for me on digital marketing that is optimized for keywords. The keyword “ChatGPT” should be used 15–20 times and the keyword “digital marketing” 3–4 times throughout the article.



9. Format the article using Markdown

Markdown is a lightweight markup language that allows you to format text in a simple and readable way.

Ask ChatGPT to format the article using Markdown to make it easier to read and understand the text.



I want ChatGPT to write a 1500 word digital marketing article for me using Markdown formatting. The article should be divided into sections with headings, lists, highlights and other formatting elements that make it easier to read.


Wojciech Idzikowski

17+ years of business experience – that’s how long it has taken me to define best practices in marketing. 150+ IT solutions – have been successfully introduced to the market with my help. 5+ years – I have worked as a Chief Marketing Officer for different IT companies, and executed marketing activities in 64 countries for 5 million users, 14+ years of work at the University, currently I hold the position of Adjunct Professor, I’m also a lecturer in the MBA program. 33 scientific publications and a doctoral dissertation in the field of marketing. I consider myself to be the person who is the best at data handling. Therefore, digital marketing is the place where I feel best. I can identify from the results which activities work best and which are the most profitable.