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Uniqueness – how to achieve it in IT&Software?


The first thing to mention is the uniqueness of this offer. We should strive to ensure that our offer is not comparable to any other within the same package of products or services. So that the customer sees something in this offer that he has never had the opportunity to experience before.


The idea is to create our one-offer (top) league in which we will play alone. Our one exclusive club. Alone. With no competition.


If your offer gives potential customers something that no one else bids, e.g.:


  • the possibility of payment only when your products/services give a financial profit to the contractor, or
  • comprehensive service for all sales branches of the company, or
  • providing support for the processes imposed in the company long after their implementation


you should not worry about your clientele’s market.

Uniqueness = Specialization

There will always be people who will be willing to pay more for certain services if they are better suited to their needs.

  • CRM software – PLN 1,000 per month.
  • CRM software for pharmaceutical companies – PLN 2,000 per month .
  • CRM software for medium-sized pharmaceutical companies with dedicated XYZ functionality – PLN 2,500 per month.

You just have to provide them with a good reason for it. And this may be that they will not find an offer like yours anywhere else on the market.

Uniqueness = Power offer

A good solution may also be to create a power offer. It is created by describing all the problems that the customer has and responding to them comprehensively with one service.


For custom development it might look like this:


  1. The client has unoptimized quality control processes.
  2. Therefore, he orders an optimization study, which we carry out. The purpose of this stage is to provide advice to answer the question of whether and to what extent we can optimize the quality control processes in his company.
  3. We perform the service using the client’s software, recommending the installation of other available on the market. When necessary, we additionally write our own software.
  4. We manage organizational change. We deliver results and we do not act like a software house waiting for the software specification.

Uniqueness = Credibility

For this purpose, in most cases it is worth presenting case studies to build our unique position on the market.

Most frequently, case studies are written in three paragraphs:


  • What was the customer’s problem? What was the biggest challenge for you?
  • What solution did you use?
  • What was the end result (present it in numbers) for your client?

Also show:

  • number of projects completed so far,
  • years of experience,
  • percentage of satisfied customers, etc

Uniqueness = 1-to-1 match

The next step is to match the offer 1 to 1 to the customer’s needs. Define it in the simplest way, that is, call it in the words of the client.



  • trampoline park software
  • pool software


Internally in the company you can develop software for a sports facility and call it that way, but most clients will describe their need in their own way and it’s your job to fit in. Then, communicate in this way from the moment you put your product information in the recipient’s environment until he buys it.


Make this need a service that you have in your professional portfolio. This particular service. Not something close to that, not something slightly related to it, not as if that’s the point … The name of your service in IT&Software is directly 1 to 1 the name of the customer’s need. Otherwise, there is too much risk that he will not be convinced that you will solve his problems.


At each stage of the marketing channel, the word in the language of the customer that corresponds to his need, should appear, starting with:


  • searching for this term in Google,
    • “Software for the pool”
  • by including it in the header of the advertised link in the search results,
    • “Software for the swimming pool | Try it for free for 30 days”
  • on the website he entered, having finished
    • “Software for the pool prepared with your needs in mind”.


Everywhere, at every stage, the same word must appear.


If your company offers products for IT&Software, it is very important to show in your offer that you are number 1 on the market in solving a specific problem.


Examples of communication we have created for our clients:


  1. – PASK app. Thanks to it, it is easy to verify who in the company has access to data systems. It is also easy to grant or withdraw access to the system to someone. Managing and organizing permissions has probably never been easier.
  2. – OOS, i.e. software for managing a sports facility. What problems does it solve? You will create work schedules more efficiently, assign specific tasks to employees. But this is not the end, because the software will also support you in selling club products and services. Then you will serve customers in a more automated way and optimize warehouse and store operations.


Key takeaways

  • Strive to offer the same services as everyone else, in a completely different form than everyone else.
  • Let the specialization of your services build the uniqueness of your offer.
  • The credibility of your company should be a complement the uniqueness of your offer.
  • Solve specific problems indicated, and do not show that you only operate in one or another industry.