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Selected projects

Our clients trusted us, entrusting a total budget of PLN 90+ million in marketing expenses.
Full responsibility for marketing

Deviniti – Wrocław

For over 3 years, I was Marketing Director at Deviniti. During this time:

  • IT products and services were sold to over 5 million users in 64 countries.
  • The company won the Forbes Diamond Award, awarded to the fastest growing companies in Poland.
  • The rebranding was carried out internally by the company under the name of InTENSO to Deviniti.
Digital Marketing Agency for IT
Cost Per Lead = 38 USD

Authenteq – Europe & USA

During the annual cooperation – together with Authenteq – we achieved ARR at the level of EUR 1.2 million.

40x increase

The number of qualified leads during the annual collaboration


Acquired leads that generated ARR at the level of EUR 1 200 000

ROAS > 2

Return On Ad Spends in PPC campaigns: Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads were over 2 for all of them.

Full responsibility for marketing

Ortosoft – Europe

For over a year, we have been responsible for marketing at Ortosoft, a company that creates software for the management of sports facilities.

At the time:

+80 publication

We have planned and implemented activities related to content marketing, which resulted in the publication of over 80 articles related to the product and the sports industry.

+50 functionalities

We wrote a product development strategy, which resulted in the expansion of the software with several functionalities.

+40 customers

During our cooperation, we have acquired over 40 sports facilities throughout Poland that use OOS software.

Customer Experience

We have created a completely new version of the website, based on the analysis of customer behavior and their experiences with the OOS brand.

Sample realizations of websites

Why is it worth trusting us?

We know how to take care of your success.

Our clients trusted us, entrusting the total budget 20+ million USD in marketing expenses.

Million dollars in revenue for our clients


Years of experience


Countries in which we conducted marketing



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