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Digital Marketing Agency 360° – we specialize in scaling revenue for companies in Your industry: IT, Software, Tech.

Our Digital Marketing Services have allowed 127+ companies to generate revenue of $120M

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We know how to take care of your success.
Our clients trusted us with a total budget of 90+ million PLN in marketing expenses.

Million PLN revenue for our clients


Years of experience


Countries in which we market


Satisfied customers

Digital Marketing Agency for IT

Cost Per Lead = 38 USD

During a one-year cooperation – together with Authenteq – we achieved an ARR of EUR 1.2 million, increasing the number of leads to 2000 (40x increase).

Cost Per Lead = 15 USD

For Cloudica, we have developed a new brand communication system – a website and launched new profitable customer acquisition channels (Google Ads, LinkedIn DM, Content Marketing, SEO).
Digital Marketing Agency for IT
Digital Marketing Agency for IT

Billon Group:
Cost Per Lead = 43 USD

Together with Billon Group, we created a promotional campaign on LinkedIn (segment: c-level ppl, companies from Singapore). The campaign objectives were achieved in the second month of the promotion.

Scale revenue with Digital Marketing

We are the only marketing agency in Poland that specializes in comprehensive services for companies in your industry.


Market, competition and returns on investment in Digital Marketing

and planning

Preparation of both digital marketing plans and strategies, as well as brand communication strategies


Preparation of an investor offer and support in acquiring an investor


We support all digital marketing channels, from paid campaigns, through content marketing and websites

Social Media

We prepare a content plan and materials necessary to run a social media account. All based on content that responds to the problems of your target group, which allows you to build the perception of the brand / profile as an expert in the industry, generate larger points of contact with the brand and a greater number of inquiries.

  • Running social media accounts
  • DM campaigns via social media
Email Marketing

We use email marketing to place your company’s offer in the recipient’s environment. This is not a mass mailing, but there are properly prepared campaigns – research and selection of a narrow group of recipients, preparation of materials, content and flow of messages.

  • Email Marketing Automation
PPC Campaigns

We prepare and implement paid campaigns. Supported by research: the number of queries per month, competition rate, average CPC, group of recipients, etc. The goals of PPC campaigns are: maximizing the number of conversions on the page, not generating empty, worthless traffic or the number of impressions.

  • Google Ads: Search, Display, YouTube
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Remarketing
Content Marketing

We carry out content marketing both on the basis of a previously prepared brand communication strategy (target group, their problems, how your company finds itself in it, experts in the industry, etc.) and on the basis of data from the web – developed by our team, using tools: semrush, Google Search Console, Google Trends, etc.

  • E-Books
  • Whitepapers
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Blog articles

Website audit using semrush is an activity that allows you to analyze the current state of the site: we provide a list of problems that need to be solved to improve the SEO result for the site + we eliminate the indicated errors / problems + we indicate recommendations for optimizing articles in the context of positioning.

  • On-site
  • Off-site

Original cooperation process – Scaling Revenue

Step 1: Audit and marketing plan

  • Competition and market analysis,
  • Analysis of previous marketing activities,
  • Marketing plan.

Step 2: Brand communication strategy

  • Preparation of brand communication strategy,
  • Preparation of the closing offer.

Step 3: Digital marketing campaigns

  • Development of marketing products (e.g. websites, advertisements),
  • Setup and execution of all campaigns.

Step 4: Measure profitability (ROAS)

  • Measurement and analysis of profitability for all marketing channels + optimization.

We believe that knowledge of the industry allows Digital Marketing to succeed.

IT Services

Software house, Custom Development, Support, Security, System Implementation and others.


SaaS / PaaS, Apps (Atlassian Marketplace & Salesforce Appexchange), E-commerce, ERP, CRM i inne.


Metalworking, 3D printers, Smart home, medical equipment and fashion & beauty and others.


What do our customers say about us?

“I am very impressed by the knowledge they have in the field of customer acquisition for IT companies. With 0101marketing, our customer acquisition channels have increased ROAS and thus the number of leads generated.”

Katarzyna Kaźmierczak-MrozińskaCEO, Authenteq

“0101marketing proposed a marketing plan that quickly yielded satisfactory results. The team hit the nail on the head of the preferences and needs of ad-hoc customers. Overall, their competence in this area was crucial to the success of this cooperation.”

Adam KoteckiCEO, Cloudica

“We like how they iteratively refine the marketing process. The LinkedIn campaign received positive feedback from the messages sent. An effective approach to our marketing has provided reliable results.”

Norbert KozłowskiCo-Owner, ARC Software

“They really cared about our business and were very honest about everything. Thanks to 0101marketing's efforts, the number of leads, traffic and revenue of the company has increased. Their unique new customer acquisition strategies have helped us succeed.”

Eryk GąszczykCEO,

We have been trusted by over 127 companies, for which we have generated 500+ million PLN in revenue

Industry specialization – the foundation of marketing profitability

We do not test marketing processes on customers.

We know what will work best this quarter because we’ve already tested it with other companies.

We coordinated an investment of over 90 million PLN for the implementation of various approaches and strategies. Before starting marketing activities, we are able to recommend, in many cases, how it can be done more efficiently and effectively.

Strategic support – marketing is a search for product-market fit

We believe that the times when you bought services: “advertising on the Internet” are over and will never come back.

Today, companies need a partner who, having the right experience, will be able to understand: what the company sells, to whom, what is unique in this business model and on this basis prepare an offer, choose the right marketing channels.

Strategically understand the business and find the right product fit for it.


Comprehensive service – otherwise the responsibility is blurred

When we start cooperation with a company where: one entity does the website, the second SEO, the third PPC, the fourth …, it quickly turns out that marketing processes work far from optimal.

Everyone is responsible “for their part of the pitch” and no one for results and profitability.

We act differently. We appoint one PM coordinator with whom our client cooperates. He is comprehensively responsible for all processes and takes responsibility for them.

Dashboards – measuring marketing ROI for each channel

We will base all our recommendations on marketing data, not on intuition and “it seems to us”.

We are the only company in Poland that specializes in acquiring and analyzing digital marketing data in your industry.

We have a proprietary solution for providing information on the effectiveness of marketing activities – a dashboard dedicated to your needs, where based on the obtained data we will recommend scaling only proven digital marketing channels.

Access to knowledge, best practices and best practices

We have comprehensively described, the best digital marketing processes for your industry.

We’ll share all the materials your team needs and needs.

We will respond to any inquiry within a week.

You can send our knowledge base to your team and they will receive complete instructions on how to perform all marketing activities.

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